My Audio System

Current Equipment

USB DAC & Preamplifier: Homebuilt non-oversampling, differential NOS DAC No.2 (Trilech, currently being prepared for publication).

This DAC/Preamplifier features a non-oversampling, differential topology based on many stacked TDA1543's, a PCM2707 based USB Receiver, an USB Isolator and a Transformer Volume Attenuator TVA.

Music Server: Homebuilt fanless and headless server pc.

The server is based on a Dual Core Intel CPU D525 Barebone, 4GB SO-DDR3 RAM, two Crucial m4 512GB SSD Harddisk Drive and a linear regulated power supply.  

Power Amplifier: Homebuilt FET Class A Amplifier No.3 (VBS Megalith, currently being prepared for publication).

Loudspeaker: Homebuilt Multiple Vented Fullrange Speaker No.4 (AMV Menhir)

The loudspeaker's heart is a Manger Bending Wave Transducer MSW with a floating and layered inner chamber system, a transmission line port as well as an aperiodic damping port. Furthermore it is build without any traditional damping materials. The technical details are: Sensitivity 91db/2.83V/1m; max. SPL 103db; Room's frequency response approx. 40Hz-24kHz; Weight per piece approx. 40kg.

Mobile Audio: SanDisk Sansa Clip+, 64GB microSDHC, RockBox open-source Firmware, Phonak Audeo PFE 111.   

Former Equipment

Turntable: Rega Planar 2, Ariston (modified), Linn Sondek (modified), Micro Seiki BL-101 SE (special edition, modified).

Tonearm: Rega RB-250, Formula IV, Technics EPA500 (modified), Syrinx PU3 (modified).

Cartridges: Decca (modified), Denon DL-103 (modified), Dynavector, Clearaudio Delta, Audio Technica AT-OC 9, Denon DL-103R.

MC Prepre & Preamplifier: Quad 22 (modified), Quad 33 (modified), Meridian (modified), Exposure, Hafler (modified), Homebuilt Preamplifier No.1 & 2, Denon AU-340 transformer, Prepre Hiraga (DIY), Homebuilt Active X-over No.1, Homebuilt Preamplifer System No.3 (Trilith).

CD-Player: Marantz's first CD-Player (modified), Marantz CD17 (modified), Sony XA7ES (modified), Sony XA50ES (heavily modified).

SPDIF-DAC: Homebuilt non-oversampling (NOS) DAC No.1 (Cromlech).

USB-ADC: Furutech GT-40 24Bit/96KHz USB Audio Interface (modified).

Recorder: Revox A700 (modified), Nakamichi Tape Deck (modified), Sony JA50ES (modified).

Power Amplifier: Quad II (modified), Quad 303 (modified), Meridian (modified), Exposure, TVA (modified), Electrocompaniet, Marc Levinson ML-2, Homebuilt FET Class A Amplifier No.1, Homebuilt FET Class A Amplifier No.2 (RBS Megalith).

Loudspeaker: KEF's small BBC Monitor, Quad ESL 57 (modified), Homebuilt Onken-Mahul Speaker System No.1, Homebuilt Fostex Magnetostat Speaker System No.2, Homebuilt Fullrange TML Speaker No.3 (TML Menhir).

Headphone: Stax SR-5 Electrostat, Sennheiser HD600, Sennheiser HD650.

Mobile Audio: Sharp MD-MS200H, Sony MZ-RH1.