I became interested in audio components at a very young age as I liked listening to music very much. When looking for an excellent audio reproduction chain it became very difficult to find the products that fitted my wishes, requirements and limited budget.

Considering my background in design engineering and electronics, one solution was adjacent: do-it-yourself (diy).

I started this hobby 1979. By then, I had analysed several constructions and learned that the main reasons for bad sounding systems were the high complexity of electronics. Other reasons I often came across were the mediocre quality of electronic components and the neglect of several details such as vibration, materials involved, magnetism and distortion spectrum.

During those years the technical magazines "l'Audiophile", "Wireless World" and several articles written by Jacques Mahul, Jean Hiraga, Siegfried Linkwitz, L.J.S. Bradbury, Roy F. Allison influenced me greatly.

Then, as a 23 year-old I designed and built my first set of electronics: a Preamplifier, an Active Crossover and a FET Class A Power Amplifier.

Today, making or tweaking any possible audio component gives me more satisfaction than simply buying the equipment.